Why Choose Us!

Our commitment to the students remains unique.  Every instructor teaches each student with integrity and experience.  Individual students are respected no matter what their background or previous educational history is.  B. Sullivan school keeps its class sizes reasonable to allow the instructor to instruct each student properly and efficiently.  The student is always our top priority.  Unlike colleges offering CNA programs, we offer a combined Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide course.  Our school does not prolong classes by adding unnecessary prerequisites for a Nurse Assisting certificate.  Each student will receive a Nurse Assisting certificate that is equivalent to a college Nurse Assisting Certificate.  Once a student becomes licensed by the Red Cross, the CNA license that the student will receive is accepted by colleges as a prerequisite to many health care programs (i.e. nursing, physical therapy, nurse practitioner, physicians assistant, and many others).  We pride ourselves on professionalism and offer only the best education to each student.  If you feel this is the type of education you prefer, register with us today!  You will not be disappointed.  We also offer a refresher class to each student to ensure clinical strategies are in place before taking the Red Cross exam at no cost to the student.  Further details will be given about the refresher class upon the student’s registration.  We respectfully wish each student only the best of luck on their future endeavors after graduation.  A student’s future is always important to us before and after graduation.  We are always available for advice, direction, and instruction.  Your education with us is and always will be everlasting.

*Tri-Level Nurse Assistant classes at colleges include CPR/First Aid classes.  Our school also hosts a CPR/First Aid certification class for students that may need this as a requirement for a healthcare program.  This class will be offered based on student demand.